Schedule & Agenda

MissionLink member meetings and sessions are private and confidential. Each month, we will email out an invitation to our Class Members and Alumni with the date, time, location and topic of our event.

Event Schedule in Vienna, VA
MissionLink participants meet one evening a month in Vienna, VA from 4pm to 7pm. The kick-off event is in October and the program runs through May.

We also host a few special MissionLink events throughout the year on the west coast including a private cocktail event during RSA in San Francisco.

Sessions involve networking and an intimate, interactive dialogue with world class industry experts, decision makers and thought leaders from Silicon Valley, the Intelligence and Defense communities and the most prominent technology circles in the world. Topics are centered on the implications of the rapidly evolving national security and global threat landscape.   We focus on the  innovative capabilities that solve mission critical enterprise security challenges–ranging from cybersecurity, digital and physical asset protection, data analytics, enterprise cloud, IoT, AI/machine learning, satellites, remote sensors, mobile communications, robotics and/or unmanned systems.

MissionLink operates under the Chatham House Rule. We are very sensitive to maintaining strict confidentiality. This allows our speakers who are high profile government and commercial leaders to speak much more freely and transparently without attribution, providing our members with a real and practical perspective. This depth of discussion makes us unique from any other organization.

If you would like information about the program schedule, please contact us.